Just immagine….

The Witching Hour stems from a dream, from a passion…

Timeless values, yet cast into the future. By us you will find the warmth of the hospitality, the style of the environments that reflect the cure and dedication of whom choose to do what they love.

With this B&B we tried to recreate the atmospheres from Tim Burton movies, the happy-go-lucky attitude of the Disney witches which all of us love.

Morgana Sinclair, a visionary “witch”, born and raised with Mary poppins, is ready to open your door to a fairy… bewitched dream… Like the themes in the rooms. A door that, if you want to believe, will carry you to a dimension far away from the everyday frenzy, in which to find again the pleasure of a smile, of a memory from those fairy tales that we used to get told when we were kids.

And, for those adults looking for something else… we invite you to try the guided tours or the animated dinners. Such as the brand new W W W, that stands for Walking With (the) Witch, strolls in misterious places along the company of Morgana, that will gladly put a spin on any birthday, celebration or simply if you desire to be astounded.

Because fantasy is like an elixir, a concoction that will magically carry you in any dimension.

As an old song used to say… if you believe it is enough….

So forget the old concept of B&B, hotel, and surround yourself in a dream, a vision, where everything is as it is, but nothing is… as it seems. You will find breakfasts prepared with local products, funny dolls, fairy or witches, elves, gnomes, all of this in a rustic yet refined place, air-conditioned rooms with memory foam pillows and mattress, because for a good dream is required a good sleep.

Tell us if you want to celebrate with us your birthday, but we can even celebrate an Unbirthday!!!!

We will be at your disposal to customize your accommodation packages or to illustrate to you the ones we are offering. And when waking up you will not want to go away… The Witching Hour will give you a little trinket, so you will, by looking at it, remember that it wasn’t just a dream and the magic is still all around you.

…Get Bewitched…